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At Carita, we pride ourselves in having the expertise required to bring your event to life and ensure you’re able to maximise fundraising opportunities as part of your event. Our team are vital to the Carita silent auction operation.

Find out what makes each of us “tick” below…

Alan Lambert.

Alan Lambert

Managing Director

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Jason Higgins.

Jason Higgins

Creative Director

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lucy clark.

Lucy Clark

Office Manager

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sam speller.

Sam Speller

Charity Partnership Manager

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Rachael Fagence.

Rachael Fagence

Account Manager

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Amber Lane.

Amber Lane

Account Manager

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Pen and calculator.

Mike Michaelides

Accounts and Bookkeeping

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Paula Casserly.

Paula Casserley

Assistant to the Directors

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cute dog.

Ronaldo Lambert

Office dog

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We’re proud to sponsor Rebecca McGinley – Professional Golfer and twice the UK’s Longest Drive Champion!

Rebecca McGinley

Rebecca McGinley

Professioanl Golfer and two times UK Longest Drive Champion

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