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Sealed Bid

The Free service encourages guests to bid what they can afford rather than just what is required to win a lot.

Our sealed bid brochures add great value to your event and are simple to understand and use. We make sure we print 50% more than the audience at every event so there are always more than enough brochures to go around. As guests arrive we hand out brochures 1 per 2 guests and then when they sit down for dinner there is a brochure on every place mat.

One Chance

Guests only have one chance to bid so it encourages them to bid high and is proven to raise more than any other silent auction.

Guests cannot see any other bids and they therefore place their bid based on what they can afford to spend rather than what they need to bid to win! Instead of bids increasing incrementally, guests often bid a lot higher than the set reserve- like we say- ‘You only have one chance to bid so make it a good one!’


Our brochures look fantastic at your event as well and our auction display adds real value to your guests experience.

Our in house design team take care of all the design work, we make sure the front cover fits seamlessly with the style of the event, taking our lead from your existing artwork for the event, such as flyers or invitations. We also include the a comprehensive ‘bio’ of the charity on the inside cover so guests understand exactly what the auction is raising money for.

Reasons to use ‘Sealed Bid’:

  • Sealed bid brochures raise the most money for charity.
  • It’s a free service!
  • There is no risk to the charity and there are no charges.
  • Our event team manage the whole auction from start to finish.
  • 100% of the funds raised above the reserve go to charity.
  • Every guest in the room receives a brochure.
  • It compliments other fundraising activities on the evening.
  • It runs smoothly in the background and guests don’t feel pressured into bidding.
  • The Auction display looks fantastic and adds value to your event.
  • The brochures fit seamlessly with the style and branding of your event.


“I have used Alan and his team for many years and they always work above and beyond my expectations. Their commitment to our Golf Day is invaluable and the amount raised increases year on year. The items he has changes every year, as we have the same audience, so there is always something for everyone. Alan feels like a close friend now, instead of a supplier to our day and has helped us out throughout the year on other events also.”

Angela Hyde – Events Director, Tony Hadley Golf Day

Let us recommend the best auction type for you…

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